Successfully Completed Projects in IoT Domain

  • IoT products roadmap and digital transformation strategy for a US-based technology solutions and IP (Intellectual Property) development company
  • Sensor-enabled solutions roadmap, analytics and data monetization, business growth plan and fund raising strategies development for a technology-based automotive rentals company
  • Sensor-enabled IoT products strategy and roadmap for a leading global outdoor apparel giant
  • Identification and evaluation of potential strategic investment and acquisition candidates in the IoT products space for the venture arm of a leading German technology giant
  • Evolution of Internet of Things Ecosystem: Potential in India - One of the world's first and India's first market-specific IoT Research Report, published in Nov 2014

Successfully Completed Projects in Analytics, AI and ML Domains

  • Partnership models and go-to-market plan development for an analytics platform designed and developed for mobile carriers and smartphone OEMs
  • Identification of potential strategic investment and acquisition of various Data Analytics Platform companies, for a leading European automotive giant
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) based smartphone products and apps roadmap and go-to-market strategy development for a leading Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning algorithms based product company
  • Technology due diligence of a DaaS 2.0 (Data as a Service) company for a Silicon Valley based multi-stage venture capital firm with over US $6 Billion in raised capital

Successfully Completed Projects in Internet and Mobile Domains

  • India and emerging markets telcos and OEMs partnership models and business development plan for an ad-supported mobile app products company
  • India and emerging markets entry strategy for a Finnish feature phone app platform company
  • Business plan development and fund raising strategy for mobile devices based video platform company
  • Product strategy, business, go-to-market plans and investor pitch development for a Digital Sports Technology Platform company that uses smartphone as a core platform
  • Mobile devices led broadband adoption and growth strategy for the world's most valuable company
  • Product roadmap, user acquisition and growth hacking strategy for a unique mobile app focused on sports
  • India and emerging markets entry strategy for a San-Francisco based mobile devices retail point of sale automation platform company
  • Mobile apps strategy and product roadmap development for the world's leading IT provider in the travel and tourism industry
  • Assessment of competitive landscape, technology and business growth recommendations for a global technology product company's SMS-based application platform
  • Development of Go-To-Market strategy including comprehensive product offering recommendations for a mobile cloud and Android app store for a global telecom software product company
  • Global retail segment GTM strategy for one of the indigenous tablet manufacturer, focusing on enterprise segment

Successfully Completed Projects in Telecom Domain

  • Assesment of potential impact of a new player's entry on the telecom industry's current players, economics and listed stocks for institutional investors, hedge funds and FIIs who cumulatively manage over US $50 Billion on Indian stock markets
  • Market entry, business growth and mobile carriers' partnership strategies for a US-based Telco-OTT (Over-The-Top) middleware platform player
  • Go-To-Market plan for a leading Japanese telecom equipment player's Public Safety and Emergency Response solution for the US market
  • 2G to 4G migration plan and assessment of multiple short, medium and long-term investment choices for a middle eastern mobile carrier
  • Identification of key players' technology and business strategies, implementation drivers and challenges and growth potential of various wireline and wireless broadband technologies in India, for the world's most valuable company
  • India's second mobile revolution - Identification and analyses of various early indicators and their potential development and alignment to drive the mobile data services and revenues (Industry Research Report, Jan 2013)
  • Product offerings, go-to-market and business strategies development for a telecom technology service provider
  • Tablet ecosystem in India – Current state, potential and future outlook (Industry Research Report, Nov 2011)
  • Identification of high growth opportunities in wireless, wireline and satellite communication domains, for a leading Indian private equity firm with US $700 Million telecom fund
  • 4G business case in India – Analysis of potential 4G services and revenues upside (Industry Research Report, Aug 2011)
  • 3G growth potential in India – Analysis of key 3G players' strategies, growth potential of various services and revenues upside (Industry Research Report, Aug 2011)
  • Go-To-Market strategy development including addressable market size, key partner identification and partnership model for transmission equipment used in the 3G network rollouts, for a leading Indian telecom equipment manufacturer