Inspiration behind "Convergence Catalyst"

Digital technologies are evolving at unprecedented pace. These technologies are challenging the conventional thinking and established playbooks in almost every area of business:

  • Org structures
  • Value chain relationships
  • Business and revenue models
  • Distribution channels
  • Go-To-Market strategies
  • Products and solution offerings
  • Competitive dynamics

Going forward, as various digital technologies evolve at unprecedented pace, every industry and every company - big and small - will be impacted. And, it needs to, has the right to evolve and transform to not just stay relevant and competitive, but potentially lead the innovation and disruption.

There will most certainly be opportunities for different players across industries to be early movers and trendsetters, with innovative strategies and unconventional thinking. And, potentially rewrite the playbooks for the next generation, from the scratch.

It is this opportunity to connect seemingly disparate dots, painting a picture early in the game, even before the rest of the world wakes up to the trends, and helping companies - big and small - to not just adapt to changes, but evolve as trendsetters and help them rewrite the playbook - with adoption of cutting-edge technologies, new business and revenue models, go-to-market strategies, partnerships, product & solution offerings - that excites us the most. And, pumps our adrenaline to keep working round the clock… to help define this new emerging world.

As this exciting world continues to evolve; as content, features, capabilities morph and converge into unified mediums, we as a company hope to be a Catalyst in the ongoing world of Convergence.