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CC - AI Trends and Companies Readiness Report - 2017-06-30.pdf-06/30/2017

This report delves deep into analyzing the key drivers of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) growth, along with evaluating the current trends including the advancements in AI/ML by global technology giants, Chinese companies and race for building the AI chipset. The report also provides key recommendations for companies to be prepared and evolve as leaders in the impending AI revolution

CC- Indias Emergence as IoT Innovation Hub - 2015-09-25.pdf-09/25/2015

This deep-dive analysis report evaluates the seven key drivers, both on the supply and demand side, that are enabling India to evolve as a strong innovation hub in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

CC - Global IoT Trends & Dynamics - Newsletter - 2015-09-25-09/09/2015

This is a sample of the monthly custom newsletter that captures the global Internet of Things (IoT) industry trends and dynamics, for the client basis their IoT focus. The newsletter has three key sections: 1. Custom Analysis 2. Curated News and 3. In-Depth Research and Analysis

CC - IoT Ecosystem Evolution - India Report - 2014-11-18.pdf-11/18/2014

This is India's first, and one of the world's first market-specific industry analysis report on Internet of Things (IoT) domain.This report evaluates the global developments in the IoT space. And, delves deeper into the current state, growth potential and future outlook of IoT ecosystem evolution in India. This report assesses India as a potential market and innovation hub for IoT based products and solutions.

CC - Location Based Services - Global Deployment & Adoption Trends - Apr 2013.pdf-04/01/2013

This report presents an overview of location based services and allied geo-spatial services, deployed around the world and their adoption trends. This report also explores the potential of location based services in the Enterprise, Government and Consumer sectors.

CC - India E-Commerce Overview - Jan 2013.pdf-01/01/2013

Online Shopping has taken off in India and the retail web audience has grown very strongly in 2012 with over half of active internet users now shopping online. Rising internet penetration driven by the wireless boom blended with the aspiration of the tech savvy youth offers a ripe market for both old and new players in the online shopping arena. Extensive advertising to educate the user and the introduction of innovative payment methods like, cash on delivery (COD) and prepaid cards is driving the change.

CC - India's Second Mobile Revolution - Jan 2013.pdf-01/01/2013

This presentation identifies all the supply side trends (early indicators & expected developments) across the value chain (chipsets & components, network equipment, carriers, devices, VAS & Apps) analyses their current status, potential development and their alignment to drive the next growth phase of the Indian wireless telecom industry (driven by data based services).

CC - Enterprise Mobility Conference Keynote - Oct 2012.pdf-10/31/2012

Enterprises in India are evolving from conventional mobility applications such as E-Mail & Contact Management. Companies in India are beginning to empower employees by providing access to both horizontal enterprise applications (such as remote timesheet filling, leave application, expense filing, etc) and vertical enterprise resources (such as connecting a sales person to order management systems)

CC - India 2013 Smartphones Outlook - 2013-02-28.pdf-02/28/2012

This report includes smartphone market shares by OEMs & OSs for 2012, forecasts of 2013 market shares by ASPs & OSs along with key insights, trends and analysis. The report also contains a special section on the dynamics of smartphone chipset players and their potential competitiveness in 2013 (by ASP segment).

CC - India 2012 Smartphones Outlook - Dec 2012-02/12/2012

Key excerpts from our findings and analysis of 2011 India Smartphone market and outlook for 2012.

CC - India Tablets Report - November 2011.pdf-11/30/2011

Tablet Ecosystem in India - Current State, Potential & OutlookThis report will look at global trends, applications and use cases for tablets, the current state of Indian market, challenges and the outlook for the Indian tablet market.