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Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Across Various Industry Verticals

This Research and Analyst Note provides an overview of the evolution of various forms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions and their current implementation in different companies across various industry verticals.

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Evolution of Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies

This Analyst Note delves into applications of Blockchain in various industries, and details the potential of the technology through a hypothetical case of Traffic Management in a Smart City environment.

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Internet of Things,Technology,Trends,

Evolution of Monetization and Business Models in IoT

This Analyst Note provides a potential business and revenue model structure for the evolving IoT ecosystem by analyzing the key learnings from multiple digital technologies of the last two decades.

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Internet of Things,IoT Ecosystem,PE/VC,Trends,

Industrial Vs Consumer IoT: Investments Vs Innovation Conundrum

With over $20 Billion in M&A deals and over $2 Billion in funding, 2015 was the year in which Internet of Things (IoT) domain witnessed significant traction.

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